Beach Canopy Tents – Steps to Finding Your Perfect Tent

Beach canopy tents can be one of the best ways to create some shady space for a day at the beach. They offer more shade than beach umbrellas, and with today’s technology, they can be super easy to assemble. Your family or beach-going group will be the envy of all beach-goers when you can get out of the hottest sun of the day in a shady, ventilated beach canopy. Here are steps to take to find the best beach tents for your needs.

First, you should decide how large your beach canopy tent needs to be. Sizes can vary pretty dramatically. The smallest beach tents will only fit one or two adults inside comfortably, and other, larger tents will fit an entire beach party inside for a picnic lunch. The smaller tents are great because they’re lighter weight and often easier to assemble, but, of course, the larger tents offer you more shade protection. It’s a good idea to actually use a measuring tape to figure out your ideal tent dimensions, although what you find on the market might vary a little from your ideal.

The key to making this decision is figuring out how many people will need to use the tent at one time. For a family of four, a smaller tent is probably best, since it might take more than two adults to comfortably put together some of the largest tents on the market. A larger group, however, will be happier with a larger tent that will allow more adults to get out of the sun as needed. The trade-off for size is going to be ease-of-assembly & price.

Next, you need to decide your budget for your canopy tent. Beach canopy tents are all over the map for prices, and you don’t always have to pay a fortune to get a high quality tent. If you want a tent that is super simple to assemble, you might consider budgeting a little extra for a pop up beach tent canopy, but if you don’t mind a bit of extra work, you can save a little with a more traditional assembly tent. Setting a budget is an important step in deciding which of the best beach tents on the market best suits your needs.

Finally, you need to start shopping around. If you already know about how large you want your canopy tents to be and how much you can afford to spend, you can narrow the market down right away. Once you have a few beach canopy tents on your list that are within your price range and around your ideal size, look at user reviews to find the best beach tents around.

The reviews can help you find beach canopies that offer the highest quality, most durability, and best extra features. Some features you might look for include excellent ventilation, UV protective materials, included sand pockets and tent stakes, and interior or exterior pockets where you can stash your stuff up off the ground during the day without worrying about it getting buried and lost in the sand.

Pop Up Canopies and Their Uses

Although the most popular place to find a pop up canopy is at an outdoor party, there are many other settings where they can be used. The basic construction of these units is a tarp-like covering attached to a sturdy metal frame. A canopy covering is typically made of a heavier material and more cloth-like than a typical tarp. This design allows it to withstand frequent use with very little maintenance. This simple design makes them highly versatile and great where a little make-shift shade is required.

As mentioned above, these units can be used in many other settings. One popular use of these units are at outdoor functions where vendors may gather for business of some sort. Since these can be transported just about anywhere and are extremely easy to set up, they are a popular item for picnics at the park or the beach. Plenty of people also set them up in their backyards and leave them up throughout the summer months for some added outdoor shade.

Besides color of the fabric used for the covering, you’ll find various sizes based on the application. Most general consumer users choose the ever popular 10 x 10 unit, but for some large outdoor applications you may find the 10 x 15 or 10 x 20 (largest pop up canopy size). Just about all of the major suppliers of pop up canopies offer multiple sizes, builds, and designs that will typically fit any need.

When it comes to vendors using pop up’s, sometimes there is a need for them to be fire-retardant; especially in the case of vendors using lots of design lights or preparing food. This is usually a standard feature of most of the reputable companies out there. It’s a good thing to look for when determining which you will purchase. Even a spark from a harmless campfire could turn into something worse if it lands on unprotected fabric.

Before you go out and dive on the “blow out special” on a pop up canopy at your local “big box” or “mom and pop” hardware store, do some research so you can make an informed decision. Ask yourself, “how many times per year will I actually use this?”, “where will I use it?”, “where will I store it when I’m not using it?” Be sure to consider the size as a priority when determining which pop up canopy model you will purchase. Lastly, cheaper is not always better; especially if you’re hoping to get many years of use out of your investment.